Financial Stability

The core component of the Habitat business model is financial sustainability. Thanks to significant volunteer support, construction costs are kept low and Habitat is able to sell new houses to qualified families through affordable mortgages. Homeowners’ mortgage (and home repair) payments are recycled back into our programs, thus enabling current homeowners the opportunity to pay forward the gift of homeownership to future Habitat homeowners. Our ReStore also generates sustainable income that also supports our programs.

Mortgage payments and ReStore proceeds account for approximately one third of the revenue we need to acquire and develop land, build new houses, repair existing homes, and provide the support services that go along with these programs. We also need and depend on financial support from individuals, businesses, faith communities, foundations, and government funding sources to successfully carry out our capital-intensive work.

Alachua Habitat for Humanity's EIN # is: 59-2750078

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