Alachua Women Build

Who we are

Alachua Women Build was founded in the mid-1990's by a group of women who recognized both the need for good, affordable housing in our community and the potential for women to take an active role in meeting this need. Hundreds of women of all ages and backgrounds, including the homeowner-to-be, participate in each build and are mentored in construction techniques.


What we do

Alachua Women Build is an all-volunteer program of Habitat for Humanity that raises the funds for and builds houses in partnership with hard-working families often headed by women in need of safe, affordable homes. Women empower women: volunteers and the homeowner gain new skills, self-reliance, and a boost in self-confidence. The first house was built in 1996, and since then thirteen more have been completed.

What we're building now

WB #15 -- Christy's house in Gainesville

What you can do

  • Build a house with Alachua Women Build - no experience necessary!
  • Provide lunches for volunteer builders
  • Help with fundraising and publicity
  • Donate funds for our next house

To volunteer with Alachua Women Build

Visit our Facebook page, or email

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