Third Party Fundraising

Thank you for thinking of us - Alachua Habitat for Humanity appreciates all who want to help us further our mission! One of the many ways to support Alachua Habitat is by planning an event to raise funds for our affiliate, known as a “third-party fundraiser.” We are grateful for funds raised - they help us to continue building locally. We’d like to help you make your event as successful as possible, and will need some information from you in order to do that. Please complete the Fundraising Application Form at least one week prior to the event, and send it to for approval.

Once we receive and approve your application, you'll receive our logo file (when applicable) to use for promoting your event. We look forward to working with you!

Please be aware that the use of Alachua Habitat for Humanity’s name and/or logo without our expressed permission is prohibited.

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