Teameika first became interested in the Alachua Habitat Homeowner program many years ago, but due to family circumstances, she wasn’t able to apply at that time. Fast forward to 2017 when she saw a post about an upcoming orientation on her cousin’s Facebook page. This time, Teameika and her husband John, sports blogger and player development coach for The Rock School’s basketball teams, attended the session and are now building on their own Habitat home.

As a deputy with the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office, Teameika is never really off duty. Their current lease for their apartment is dependent on her being available for issues in the complex whenever she is home. At their last apartment, there were two law enforcement officers in the community. One day, the manager asked them to leave because he only needed one officer at the complex and had “flipped a coin” to decide which family stayed. The same type of lease was set for their next apartment, which also has mold issues affecting those family members with asthma.

Their daughters, teens Kameryn & Kyndal, and elementary-schooler Jaiden, all look forward to not having neighbors living above them making noise at all hours of the night. Kyndal is excited to paint her room pink and decorate it any way she wants. Teameika says she is most looking forward to being able to come home from work and truly being off duty so she and John can sit around the table playing UNO and other board games in the security of their own home, where she can’t be asked to leave.

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