Tasha is a bus driver for the City of Gainesville, and it was through a co-worker that she first heard

about the opportunity to become a Habitat homeowner. As a driver, she has seen much of the city

and surrounding area. She is very excited to be moving to a quiet neighborhood away from the

main roads.

Her current apartment complex looks lovely when you pull in to it, but as soon as you open the

door to her apartment the beauty ends. She can’t let her youngest son, Elijah into the kitchen of her

two-bedroom apartment as the face of the oven door is not attached, and she fears it will

fall on him. Nor can she let the boys play outside due to multiple burglaries in the neighborhood.

Her own car has been broken into more than once.

Tasha is looking forward to having “more freedom”. Meaning, the boys having more freedom to

play outside and the freedom to decorate the house as they would like. Zion, her eldest wants to be

able to ride his bike around and play football with friends. Elijah, who shifts between his brother’s

room and his mother’s room, wants to decorate his new room with the planets and


“I’m very thankful for Habitat,” Tasha says.“I’ve tried to get other mortgages, but they would be too

high for a really old home.” With her current rental unit frequently raising its rates, knowing her

mortgage rate will be stable gives her peace of mind.

Hammock Oaks

Hammock Oaks is nicely situated south of Hawthorne Road, off a road which dead ends at Cynthia Chestnut Park. It's quiet and secluded yet close to the amenities of downtown Gainesville.

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