Lanorris Martin and Arness Ford have faced many challenges in their 12-year marriage. Not the least has been living in tiny rentals where the lease payments were too high and the neighborhoods unsafe. Living in small places together can cause unnecessary tension between them, especially in light of the size of their family.

Not only are they taking care of six kids and five grandchildren, but they also care for their aging mother. Arness said that the way things are now, there is just no way they can host any meals or gatherings that their family enjoys so much. It’s not a surprise then that they are both eager to become first time home-owners and to be able to afford a place large enough to accommodate their family spending time together.

They call the Habitat experience a blessing not only because of the space, but because of the things they’ve learned about homeownership going through the program that they feel will help them gain stability for their family.

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