Jen’s and Alex’s partnership with Alachua Habitat began when Alex found out about the program through his former work supervisor. They describe putting in the required sweat equity hours and other aspects of the path to Habitat homeownership as “fun and rewarding” because they are using their time and energy to help out other families in their journey to becoming homeowners.

Jen and Alex currently live in an apartment with their two daughers, Kylie and Akira. Toddler Kylie is energetic and playful, bringing a smile to Jen’s and Alex’s faces because she “brings the family closer together”. Newborn Akira loves to smile and interact with people and loves bath time. Jen is currently a full-time mother while Alex works in the construction industry. He hopes to one day own his own business in order to better provide for his family, and Jen hopes to someday open her own Filipino restaurant or food truck. When not working, the family spends time singing and playing music together, as well as sharing family meals, which gives them opportunities to try new foods, highlighting the multicultural aspect of their family.

Jen and Alex are most excited about not having to constantly move from apartment to apartment, and finally living in a safe neighborhood where their children can play outside without fear for their safety. Their new Habitat home will be built in an area with a playground nearby for Kylie and Akira to play in, and they will be building their house alongside other Habitat homeowners in the same neighborhood!

“The family is always there for each other”, Alex says. They are excited about their partnership with Alachua Habitat because of the stability that homeownership will afford their family

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