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Deosha's home dedication took place on Sunday, June 24th when she received the keys to her new home! Kionis is so excited to have his own room and baby sister Kyndall will be in her own room right next to his. Deosha's house is one of three Habitat houses built together in the Hammock Oaks neighborhood and all three new homeowners are looking forward to their new lives as neighbors.


Deosha Haynes lives in Gainesville with her son Kionis in a small apartment in a high-crime area with no central air conditioning, plumbing issues, and no dryer hook-up. Her car has been broken into several times and she can’t leave laundry out to dry for fear of it being stolen.

Deosha originally heard about Alachua Habitat for Humanity through a friend, who gave her information on the program. Deosha felt like she finally found her chance to become a first-time homeowner.

Since she was young, Deosha has attended Prayers by Faith Outreach ministry. Throughout her life, she has continued as a part of the ministry and still spends many hours volunteering with the church.

Elementary-schooler Kionis spends much of his time reading. He also enjoys cooking and dancing. Deosha and Kionis love to go to the park together as a family.

“He’s unique and has a big personality,” Deosha said. “He’s definitely outgoing and has a good sense of humor.”

Deosha’s Habitat home will change a lot of things for her, but mostly she’s looking forward to providing a stable environment for Kionis. “It’ll be a space - a home of my own,” Deosha said.

Family is a big part of Deosha’s life and usually spends her weekends with her extended family. She can’t wait to have family and friends over for cookouts on the grill in her new open backyard.

Construction on Deosha's 3-bedroom Lilac model house is scheduled to begin this fall.

Hammock Oaks

Hammock Oaks

Hammock Oaks is a small neighborhood in southeast Gainesville nestled next to the County's Cynthia Moore Chestnut Park and Clark Butler Nature Preserve. Alachua Habitat for Humanity has 11 lots in the Hammock Oak neighborhood and Deosha's house is one of three that we will start building in the fall of 2017. We hope to build on the remaining 8 lots in phases, creating a close-knit community where neighbors build relationships while building their houses.

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